Report Your Bopx Office Scores

1. Email your Excel, Word, or PDF document to:
We prefer Excel documents for easy import.  We encourage you to use the Universal Box Office Report Format for reporting scores (see below).  This will ensure that scores are updated immediately and will not have to wait for re-formatting.

2. Fax your scores to 720-407-3977

3. Add single scores using our online forms located at:

Ensure that your complete artist or venue history is included!

Provide us with your entire history of past events.

Thousands of industry professionals access these scores on CelebrityAccess, Billboard and TourIntel.

It is important to include all of your past box office scores on file and make sure your events are thoroughly represented for all to see. We suggest reporting at least five years of history if it is available.

Universal Report Bar

When submitting scores, please be sure to include the
following information:

Name of Person Reporting:
Company Name:
Phone Number:

Artist: List Artist Name in its own field
Venue: Include the full name of the venue. If the event took place in a venue with multiple performance areas, please also list the name of the separate area when possible.  Please specify which performance space the show took place in if a venue has multiple stages.
City: Include the full name of the city
State/Province: Two digit state postal abbreviations for U.S. Dates
Zip/Postal Code:

Show Start Date: Please use the date format “01/01/2010”
Show End Date: Please use the date format “01/01/2010”
Gross Ticket Sales:
Use the format “$1,452,768.21"
Total Tickets Sold: All Shows - Paid Attendance
Total Tickets Available: All Shows - Deduct Comps

Number of Shows:
Number of Sellouts:

Ticket Prices:
When multiple ticket prices, use a comma between each price (eg. $40.00, $55.00, $100.00).
All prices should be reported in US currency.

Talent Buyer/Promoter: If a show has multiple buyers, please list each one separated by a comma.  Please add the complete name of the company or individual

ATTENTION: Don’t forget to report your tour dates!  Ensure that millions of fans see your tour dates - Report them for listing on CelebrityAccess, Billboard, MTV, VH1, CMT, Microsoft Zune and others!  Submit tour date by emailing to: or by faxing to 720-407-3977.

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