CelebrityAccess is my primary site throughout the work day. It's an amazing tool that I have grown to depend on. In fact, it's now my home page when I launch my browser. It's vital to what I do.

-Brian Swanson
  Monterey Peninsula Artists

Clear the bookshelves, and make room for pictures of the family! CelebrityAccess has allowed me to put the hard copy directories away, and bring the information to my desktop and fingertips<85> CelebrityAccess is as much a part of my daily routine as the morning coffee. Quick and accurate access to a wealth of information, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff to boot.

-Scott Schecter
Director of Entertainment
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

CelebrityAccess has become an invaluable tool to me. Having the price, label, agent, manager, and biographical listings at your fingertips makes life easier by speeding up the buying process. I am able to get to the people that can make the event happen much more quickly. CelebrityAccess has become a part of my daily work routine.

-Brad Ross
  Director of Talent Buying
  Walt Disney Attractions

CelebrityAccess is an indispensable asset - we use it constantly to help our clients find personalities we don't normally work with. And we continually get calls and emails those who've found us on CelebrityAccess. It's a tremendous double-win for us.

-Tony D'Amelio
  Washington Speakers Bureau

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