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  Rave Reviews

We welcome and encourage you to let us know your thoughts and any questions you may have. Your feedback is the way we can learn how to improve the site. Please click here to send give us the good and the bad!

The service has been very helpful…

The service has been very helpful and I am glad to see the others in my office using CelebrityAccess.

Michael Boltzman /AEG Presents / St. Louis, MO
I recommend it!

It's a great way to hit lots of people. I recommend it!

John Pantle / APA / Los Angeles, CA
CelebrityAccess is a daily part of my life and work routine.

CelebrityAccess has become an invaluable tool to me. Having the price, label, agent, manager, and biographical listings at your fingertips makes life easier by speeding up the buying process. I am able to get to the people that can make the event happen much more quickly. CelebrityAccess has become a part of my daily work routine.

Brad Ross / Walt Disney Attractions
We wouldn't be able to plan without the tools provided by CelebrityAccess

We use CelebrityAccess as a true way of understanding routing opportunities and avails, and gauging our prospective acts potential for success utilizing the tour history details. We wouldn't be able to plan without the tools provided by

Mike Hodin / Caesars Entertainment
It provides me with a wealth of information.

I do and will continue to use CA everyday, as it provides me with a wealth of information and research capabilities.

Alex Joffe / ICM Talent
Once again, you guys are doing an amazing job

Once again, you guys are doing an amazing job - If I can be of help in any way, please let me know…

Jordan Burger / Madison House
I Really Appreciate Having The One

I really appreciate having the one "go-to" source for artist information - web links, tour dates, artist bios, fees, contacts and agents. CelebrityAccess saves me a lot of "research" time. Also, the ability to check on artists who might be touring in my area within particular dates has been a great advantage.

David Marty, President / Reif Arts Council / Grand Rapids, MN
I really can't think of any improvements other than connecting your database directly to my brain…

I really can't think of any improvements other than connecting your database directly to my brain, but that's probably not possible yet.

Bryan Miller / Xcel Energy Center Arena
We Use CelebrityAccess Constantly

We use CelebrityAccess constantly. We are a buyer for TV commercials of celebrity and music talent, as well as sync licenses. The contact info available on CelebrityAccess gets us in touch with the right parties the first time.

Paul Albanese / David & Golith / El Segundo, CA
There Is No Better Way To Access My Target Market

If I am routing an artist, or trying to drum up interest for an artist, there is no better way to access my target market than via It is easy to use, and reaches the people behind the facade who make the decisions.

Edwin Rojas / Rojas Talent Group, Inc. / Henderson, NV
Our Talent Buyers use CelebrityAccess on a daily basis...

Our Talent Buyers use CelebrityAccess on a daily basis. It helps us save our most valuable resource, time.

Dean DeWulf / AXS
I was a day one user

Probably the first in the casino industry and told many people in my world to use it as well. It's like having the biggest collection of talent ever assembled on one stage at your finger tips.

Thomas L. Cantone - Vice President, Sports and Entertainment / Mohegan Sun
I have been amazed by the depth and accuracy of the information available here…

I have been amazed by the depth and accuracy of the information available here, as well as pleasantly surprised at how many of my jaded peers actually respond to emails so much better than they do to phone messages!

Bruce Houghton - President / Skyline Music
I have relied on CelebrityAccess for up to date information for many years...

"I have relied on CelebrityAccess for up to date information for many years......and I still do"

Jack Reich / Heartbreak Hits
It's vital to what I do.

CelebrityAccess is my primary site throughout the work day. It's an amazing tool that I have grown to depend on. In fact, it's now my home page when I launch my browser. It's vital to what I do.

Brian Swanson / Paradigm Talent Agency
I find CelebrityAccess and Encore to be a valuable resource.

I find it easy to access and maneuver through. My biggest problem is not having enough time to go through all the updates and news items, but listing headlines on the home page helps me hone in on those items I'm immediately interested in knowing about. I save the Encore Newsletters to be able to go back to past issues when I have time or need to refresh my memory.

Dana Stern / Golden Nugget
For A Booking Agency Like Us, This Service Is Crucial.

What we love most about CelebrityAccess is the fact that the venue and buyer database is so extensive and current. Also, the amount of detail for each entry is very helpful. Not to mention the great customer service and handy features, such as in system emailing! For a booking agency like us, this service is crucial.

Desirae Jackson / The Gersh Agency / Beverly Hills, CA
CA Is An Invaluable Resource That I Use On A Daily Basis.

CA is an invaluable resource that I use on a daily basis. The time it has saved me is incalculable, and the information it provides represents a great shortcut to matching artists, budgets, and clients.

Howard Stovall / Resource Entertainment Group / Memphis, TN
Makes my job easier!

CelebrityAccess not only saves me time and makes my job easier, it helps me do a better job for our clients.

Brian Hill / Creative Artists Agency
Keeping me current

CelebrityAccess is useful in keeping me current and connected with others in the Industry.

Eric Roberts - Hello! Booking
It is a great service that I use every day

The news feature, the contact information organization, search engine, and box office reports all make a big difference in effectively and efficiently navigating the entertainment business environment.

James Trudeau / MGM Resorts Entertainment & Sports
CA Is The Best Tool In The Music Industry,

CA is the best tool in the music industry, very informative, and helpful in box office scores, contacting agents/managers. Having used CelebrityAccess for a number of years now, I found it totally useful in finding people, and especially getting current and past box office receipts. Keep up the good work and count me in as a loyal customer for years to come.

Sam Righi / Big Deal Touring / Sydney Australia
CelebrityAccess is one of the most useful resources I have.

CelebrityAccess is one of the most useful resources I have. It consistently has the most up-to-date information on artists, their agents, managers, and record label contacts. In seconds, I can research every available contact, including official websites, for the most famous bands to the more obscure with ease. In this ever-changing business, it is important to have a resource like CelebrityAccess; because it is available on the internet, it is always more current than directories that are published annually. I use it daily.

Laura McGrath / AEG Presents
CelebrityAccess is a great tool that we use on a daily basis to book

CelebrityAccess is a great tool that we use on a daily basis to book talent. It's informative stats are constantly accurate and the website is completely user friendly.

Monique Sebastian - VP of Entertainment / Foxwoods Resort Casino
You guys are awesome

You guys are awesome - as always!!! I have no issues or complaints :)

Stephanie Kremer / The Smith Center for the Performing Arts
Provides Me With Literally All Necessary Contacts I Need.

CelebrityAccess provides me with literally all necessary contacts I need in the live music business world, as well as useful data regarding box-office results, which helps a lot in determining the level of offers artists might need.

Semyon Galperin / Tele-Club & Dom Pechati / Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya
Thank you for your commitment to excellence, we plan a long term relationship with CelebrityAccess!

We have found the service very helpful. Thank you for your commitment to excellence, we plan a long term relationship with CelebrityAccess!

Bob J. Grabow - President / Grabow & Associates
We love this service!

We love this service!  It always digs us up some great gigs we would not have otherwise thought of . . .

Lee Olsen / Keith Case and Associates
Great Resource That Is Quick And Easy To Use.

Great resource that is quick and easy to use. The data bank is not full of wannabes as we find on most of the “other” websites but the people who really make the industry work. Top contacts from local to world based in the multiple industries that make up the music business. Rocking!

Larry Wacholtz / Thumbs Up Publishing & Entertainment / Belmont University / Franklin, TN
Helps Us Promote Our Clients And Get Them Hired

UIA Presents loves CelebrityAccess! It helps us promote our clients, get them hired, and eases the process of filling out a touring season! Thank you for all that you do!

Vanessa Uzan / UIA Presents / New York, NY
The one tool that makes my life a bit easier is CelebrityAccess!

CelebrityAccess is a great research tool for any venue. Everything you need is in one sight, including artist history, current dates, avails, box office grosses and much more. The one tool that makes my life a bit easier is celebrity Access.

Bill Borenstein - Vice President of Entertainment and Theater Operations / MotorCity Casino Hotel
I Am Seeing CA As A Part Of My Team, Very Loyal One And Ready To Give Me Answers Anytime.

I am using CelebrityAccess’ data very often, and I must say that it helps our business a lot, to get in touch with the right person and create healthy business relationships. My other favorite part is receiving daily news, insiders from international industry. I am seeing CA as a part of my team, very loyal one and ready to give me answer anytime. I am looking forward to receiving many other funny daily passwords for our many future business opportunities.

Taylan Ozcan / TEMACC - Talent Entertainment Management & Consultancy Company / Istanbul | London | Los Angeles | Vancouver
...very helpful when agents are hard to reach or reluctant to quote a fee.

I use CelebrityAccess primarily to get a quick check on an artist's fee or range, and find it very helpful when agents are hard to reach or reluctant to quote a fee.

Susan Criner - President / Gulf Coast Entertainment
There is no better industry tool available…

Our company has been using CelebrityAccess for a few years now, and it has been an enormous asset. Not only do we get a great response from potential clients interested in the speakers we represent and have listed on the site, CA also makes it easy for us to make new contacts throughout the industry, allowing us more flexibility and quicker turn-around time when dealing with customers. There is no better industry tool available, that I know of, offering a similar mix of research and sales-focused materials for the entertainment professional.

Tom Gagnon / The Lavin Agency
It's there when I need it.

Concerts are not my life line for bookings (at the Convention Center).  Therefore, I don't keep up on tours, avails, costs, etc.  When I DO have that need, or when a show becomes an interest to our community, I am armed with the right information at the right time.  It's there when I need it.  Thanks for keeping me current!

Larry Gawronski / VenuWorks / Topeka Performing Arts Center
CelebrityAccess Has Literally Saved Us Dozens Of Hours

CelebrityAccess has literally saved us dozens of hours on various projects over the last few months. No longer do we need to make half a dozen or ten phone calls hoping to reach the right person – with CA, all of the information is clearly spelled out and all contact information is there with just a key stroke or two. In addition, being able to evaluate box office scores has saved us thousands of thousands of dollars when it comes to making those formal offers. We love CA and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Johnny Buschardt / New Hope / Tulsa, OK
Bravo CelebrityAccess!

Bravo CelebrityAccess! You¹re our one-stop service and direct line to fellow industry professionals. The ease and thoroughness of your database is a great tool in our day-to-day booking, prospecting, networking and planning. Only regret not finding you sooner. The time saved alone is invaluable. MANY THANKS!

Karl Sanger / Sanger Talent Agency / Los Angeles, CA
I Could Not Be In Business Without CelebrityAccess

CelebrityAccess is my lifeline, and I couldn't run my business without it. Over 20 years ago, I did away with my high maintenance File Maker database and happily rely solely on CelebrityAccess, with their great full service team who can find me any act and rep I need on any given day. Thank you so much for your site! And I love everyone who works there!

Katrina MacGregor / Tartan Talent / Whidbey Island, WA
I am already appreciating the ability to sort talent by the new categories.

Since our last conversation I have been able to experiment with some of the new features on the site. I am already appreciating the ability to sort talent by the new categories. When we are researching talent for corporate clients it is especially useful to be able offer ranges of genre and cost. We recently booked both Isaac Hayes and Manhattan transfer for the same bill. We never would have predicted that combination and our client didn't know what they wanted until they saw it on paper. You can guess what the common denominator was!

Dave Richanbach / Richanbach & Associates
It's a great service

...we are completely satisfied with its use.

Doug Strachan / Innovations Manager - City of Atlanta Dept. of Aviation
CelebrityAccess Has Changed The Way I Operate.

As a music manager who is constantly on the go, CelebrityAccess has changed the way I operate. No longer do I need to pack and haul multiple, heavy contact directories just to get through my day. It is a wonderful feeling knowing I can remotely access the most up-to-date information of my colleagues at a moment¹s notice and from anywhere.

Howard Perl, M.A. / Howard Perl Entertainment Corporation / Beverly Hills, CA
I've been waiting for a service like this for years.

CelebrityAccess has been a tremendous asset to On Board Entertainment, and The Spitfire Agency. We use the service daily, and have landed a number of deals due to our ability to quickly access the correct representatives of actors and musicians. And when short phone messages are ineffective, CelebrityAccess's e mail links are especially helpful. They have enabled us to get our entire message to the correct people in a timely manner, and many times this has lead to new business. I've been waiting for a service like this for years.

Sarah Haynes / The Spitfire Agency
It's helped pull detailed information that normally would have taken many phone calls and many hours to acquire.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with CelebrityAccess... It's helped pull detailed information that normally would have taken many phone calls and many hours to acquire. I have been able to use this information and share it when working with many of our local arts and musical organizations i.e.. Jazz Festival, Broadway and Theatre Groups, Radio PD'S, etc ... And it's all at my fingertips! So keep inputting all that data, it has been a tremendous asset, especially living in Rapid City, SD - it makes me feel connected to the business on a daily basis. Thanks for pulling this all together. I look forward to what you might do next!

Jim Walczak / The Legendary Buffalo Chip
“My digital publication would not be what it is today without celebrity access”

Sam Frank - Managing Editor / UnRated, NYC
Bravissimo to you all!

I finally had a few minutes to look at the new and improved CA. Your product continues to get stronger and stronger thereby making my job more efficient and productive. I applaud you, and Aimee in data research, for continuing to strive to be at the cutting edge of this industry. Bravissimo to you all!

Mark Sonder, CSEP / Mark Sonder Productions
I wish we had access to such valuable information years ago!

We do a lot of work with students and fledgling promoters. CelebrityAccess allows me to put real numbers to their big ideas and search out affordable alternatives, realistic routing and attendance estimates.

Chris Orheim / Alaska Airlines Center
CelebrityAccess is one of my favorite tools to use

On a daily basis it’s the first thing I open up in the morning, and it consistently proves to be invaluable. Whether you’re looking for contact info on an artist, venue, or company or looking for touring numbers or industry news, it’s the first place to look, bar-none.

Dan Balassone - President / On That Note Entertainment
CelebrityAccess is an indispensable asset

CelebrityAccess is an indispensable asset - we use it constantly to help our clients find personalities we don't normally work with. And we continually get calls and emails those who've found us on CelebrityAccess. It's a tremendous double-win for us.

Tony D’Amelio / The D'Amelio Network
CelebrityAccess service has proved to be a great access for us and has helped us make connections in the music industry.

I had been receiving emails from CelebrityAccess for about a year. I finally decided to really check into it and possibly sign up for the service. Scott Brill-Lehn was assigned to our firm's account, he was so helpful and showed me things that CelebrityAccess could do for us, that I might not have known otherwise. Scott has gone above and beyond for MLC PR, any time we have a question we can go right to him and get an answer and he always makes sure that we are happy with the results from CelebrityAccess. Thanks Scott for all your help, you are not only a great asset for MLC PR, but a great asset to the CelebrityAccess team.

Jordyn Borzcon - Publicist / MLC PR
I use CelebrityAccess almost every day.

I use CelebrityAccess almost every day. All the information I ever need is right at my fingertips. Agents, Managers, Labels, Bios, they definitely cover all the bases. I can not imagine anything else being so informative and up to date. ROCK ON, CelebrityAccess!

Marcie Allen Cardwell - President / MAC Presents
Thanks for the service!

You have given us great help over the year and revenue from finding celebrity talent. Thanks for the service!

Andrea Gold - President / Gold Stars Speakers Bureau
The Format And Ease Of Searching Is What We Like

The format and ease of searching is what we like about CelebrityAccess. We also like that the responsible agents are listed on the profile. This helps us go directly to the RA for our questions and needs.

Marc Katz / Spectrum Talent Agency / New York, NY
CA Saves Me Valuable Time

I've been a CelebrityAccess subscriber since year one. Throughout my career, CA has been the one consistent tool I can rely on. I'm a Talent Producer/Programming Exec for TV, Radio, and Events and in an era where people are constantly changing positions, CA saves me valuable time finding new contacts and tracking down old familiar ones. And a special shout out to the ace Research staff, who always get back to me in a timely manner - with the info I needed! Many thanks!

CINDY SIVAK / Sivak Entertainment / Carteret, NJ
Doing great work guys, thanks for being there for our industry.

Doing great work guys, thanks for being there for our industry.

Glenn Richardson - President / Celebrity Talent International
It's invaluable to me.

Got to tell you, I am using CA constantly now. It's invaluable to me.

Steve Bassett / Bill Young Productions
CelebrityAccess Is Part Of My Daily Research

As a Talent Producer, CelebrityAccess is part of my daily research and I have been using CA since 2001. Their customer service is quick to respond with answers to my questions which matters a great deal since all of my projects are time sensitive. They are affordable and result driven than their competitors, which I have also subscribed to in the past.

Karen Rocco / KROC Entertainment / New York, NY
CA pays for itself! As a subscriber and advertiser

I have been a subscriber to CelebrityAccess since the very beginning of the service; finally, a wealth of very accurate information at your fingertips! Since also becoming an advertiser about a year ago we have found a whole new side of CelebrityAccess. Our results are simple to track and quite interesting: CA pays for itself! This year we are rotating our ad locations throughout your site and newsletter to better reach your customers. We know for sure that CA readers are buyers, not just information gatherers!

Rick Kanfer / Las Vegas Talent Group
Each Year It Makes Me A Lot More Money Than The Annual Fee!

It has been a big help, in not only finding information about acts and venues, but as an agent with exclusive acts. It has brought many quality buyers to me for bookings for my acts. The cost of membership is a drop in the bucket, compared to amount of business that I get each year from being a member of CelebrityAccess.

Richard Lustig / Lustig Talent Enterprises, Inc. / Orlando, FL
CelebrityAccess is a great research tool for us

In the course of our work as the leading music branding agency for Fortune 500 brands, we often turn to CelebrityAccess for up-to-date contact information for the key artist management and booking agent contacts of major and independent artists.

Jeff Daniel / StarMaker Interactive
Your site organization is quite user friendly.

I find that the presentation, both in the Encore newsletter, as well as on site, is easy to navigate and visually interesting but not cluttered. So, in general, I am quite happy with the breadth, depth, and general quality of the information presented, as well as the graphical quality.

Ken Lopez / USC Thornton School of Music
CelebrityAccess is a great source of information

...that I use on a daily basis for researching bands, agents, managers, promoters and venues.

Richard Leslie / The Cotillion
CelebrityAccess is a great tool....

CelebrityAccess has been a great asset in getting our Artists out to the buyers. CA is a great tool that we use on a daily basis.

Wayne Hunnicutt / Wolfman Jack Entertainment - Flashback Management, Inc.
I have been very happy with the service.

It has cut down my time in finding contacts by over 90%. Thank you!

Larry Stessel / Revolver Marketing Group
CelebrityAccess has helped our business tremendously

I just want you to know that CA has helped our business tremendously and we had a very successful year.

Bogie de Guia / Ovation Productions Manila
I love it!

I remember the old days, looking up agents and managers in the printed guides which were invariably out of date. CA makes handling useless requests much less of a time waster, and actual work easier and quicker. I love it!

Queenie Taylor / Queenie Taylor Events
CelebrityAccess Gives Me A Lot Of New Areas In Which I Can Grow.

For hard working and committed employees, CelebrityAccess offers a great place to grow and develop your music career or company. As I continue to challenge myself, CelebrityAccess gives me a lot of new areas in which I can grow.

David Aronoff / DJ DMA / Corona, NY
The service has been extremely useful and a worthwhile investment.

I was in the States recently and actually met with Scott Mantell in LA to discuss opportunities for future tours that might include our properties and I might not have made that contact without the info on your system.

Rod Walker / Cut Mustard Restaurant Solutions
CA is the best thing since sliced bread.....

It makes my life a lot less chaotic. Good customer service is key in this industry, which a lot of companies have forgotten to practice. Thanks for your help.

Shelia Jenkins / Scipio's A-list Entertainment Group, Inc.
CelebrityAccess has proven itself to be the best tool we have available since I joined Universal.

CelebrityAccess has proven itself to be the best tool we have available since I joined Universal. CA's database provides us with virtually unlimited resources in the entertainment industry, and has saved this company substantial money, and allowed us to work faster and more efficiently.

Dave Scott / Universal Records
You guys are doing a great job as always...

You guys are doing a great job as the site, keep up the good work.

Jeff Bowen / Starbooker Presents, LLC
It's been like a Bible to me and my company. Saves a lot of time and leg work.

Mike Stone / Michael Stone Events
CelebrityAccess can be as transformational for charities as it is for the entertainment industry.

Following an email blast to select agents in NYC inviting them to participate as honorary judges in a middle school essay contest, a particularly senior executive was so taken by the experience that she arranged for a Broadway musical's national tour to benefit my charity. Celebrities give of their time and that comes with a cost. The executives that drive the industry have the passion, generosity, accessibility, connections, creativity, and capacity to envision and make big things happen for a worthy charity.

Jim Schaffer / Charity Spring
With the help of CelebrityAccess (CA) we signed over 90,000 artists and countless record labels.

CA helped me find and secure booking contracts for various artists with major companies such as CAA and Monterey Peninsula. I also secured an incredible team for my sideshow in Europe, Primary Talent Agency, Noble PR and Craig Wylie of the Mamma's Group all through CA. Thanks to CA, we're touring Europe this summer. It's been a lifelong dream of mine to tour the world and to succeed in the entertainment business but most importantly I wanted to do it independently. Even though I pay your membership fees I feel I still owe you and one day will figure a way to repay you...

CA has matured in ways that have become the staple of the industry

I have been a client of yours from almost the very beginning. Without question, CA has matured in ways that have become the staple of the industry. The are so many ways you have improved the use of this web site, but I will name just a few.     1 - The ease of use.     2 - The ability to access an incredible amount of information, to many to mention.     3 - It is now an absolute requirement (as far as I am concerned) for agents, managers, etc. to have this site on their desktop.     4 - Being able to respond to my clients with due diligence the information they request, e.g.; cost, availability, bio information, etc., concerning an artist, is priceless. In many cases this availability has taken my competition right out of the mix.     5 - Your phone support is excellent.     6 - If you're in this business, you can not be without CA.

Gregg Raffa / Gregg Raffa Events / NY
I'm not waiting!!! I'm a happy customer...

I have been using CelebrityAccess for the last few years and I have to say it is one of the most useful tools available for our industry. I am addicted!!!

Sean D. Gilday / Blue Raven Entertainment
It Is My Daily Source Of Information For Over 10 Years.

I’ve subscribed to CelebrityAccess for almost 10 years. It is my daily source of information, it's always on time, impressive, great editor work and very helpful in my work. I congratulate and thank them for their hard work and wish all the best now and in the future. Grateful and enjoying for many years,

Andrzej Marzec / AMC Andrzej Marzec Concerts / Poland

I love your service and I am very happy with everything. Your team is great!

Lori Otelsberg / Signature Entertainment
CelebrityAccess Is Right On Top Of The Changes Within The Industry.

“Great service for working professionals! What is so valuable, is when the artists move from one representative to another. CelebrityAccess is right on top of the changes within the industry. It is a great tool to have at your beck & call!

Mark Gravino / EastWest Productions / New Haven, CT
CelebrityAccess is as much a part of my daily routine as the morning coffee.

Clear the bookshelves, and make room for pictures of the family and nic-nacs! CelebrityAccess has allowed me to put the hard copy directories away, and bring the information to my desktop and fingertips. What a useful resource for all things booking related. CelebrityAccess is as much a part of my daily routine as the morning coffee. Quick and accurate access to a wealth of information, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff to boot. A great service to keep in your hip pocket. Thank You!

Scott Schecter / Big3 Entertainment / St. Petersburg, FL
CelebrityAccess now meets those needs in a big way.

We've been searching for years to find an informational base that we can count on in the entertainment industry and one that would help make our daily business lives easier and more efficient. CelebrityAccess now meets those needs in a big way.

Howard Beder / First Class Entertainment
Paid for itself in the first week!

With CelebrityAccess I was able to target my strongest markets, reach new venues and have the most successful 2 years of my touring career. The bulk e-blast feature alone is worth the yearly subscription. I highly recommend CelebrityAccess to anybody who is serious about their career.

Gary Hoey /
Remember the Good Old Days looking up agents and managers in printed directories - No More!

Having the biographical history, tour schedule, performance price, label, responsible agent and manager phone numbers and email listings at your finger tips gives you reliable, valuable information instantly, when you need it. I have been a client of CelebrityAccess as an independent producer/promoter for about a decade, a little over seven years of this time at The Vocal Group Hall of Fame. There is no better service of its kind. CelebrityAccess allows us to keep up with all the Inductees, nominees and qualifying groups, as well as everyone else in the music industry. We would be lost without it. Thank you CelebrityAccess

Bob Crosby - President/CEO / The Vocal Group Hall of Fame Foundation
Thanks for keeping up the good work and our acts in front of clients.

I would like to thank the gang at CelebrityAccess, upon posting one of our acts on the daily sheet, we received two inquiries. Thanks for keeping up the good work and our act in front of clients. Thanks Again.

Ray Gosselin / Epic Entertainment
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